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Investing in India was none of the above. But we’re changing that. Super easy to use, lightning fast, and crystal clear


Why Choose Us

Investments in different categories are often perceived as an onslaught of heavy, jargon-filled communications, poor customer service, and unwanted, irrelevant notifications to common man particularly people staying in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities and Country Side. Do we think it has been so difficult? We feel absolutely not, we at Mbucks have created first of its kind AI Powered and Interactive platform where people of all strata particularly staying in country side and who are deprived of all financial services, are being provided Investment services as per their day to day requirement. We have made Investment very simple and convenient to users and available at their doorstep as per their convenience. Now Investors can purchase, sell, manage and track their investment on click of button from anywhere Vision We firmly believe that it is time to take technology at door step of every human being by breaking roadblock of their language or literacy . Mbucks has created a unique and next generation AI Powered Interactive Platform where people can use the services by not only using their app in their native language but also interacting with app Mission Mbucks believes that with the help of technology and helping users to manage their Investments as per their convenience, we will be helping community to become the game changer in the investment and financial industry in India